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Soothe a sore throat and quiet a cough with the range of Lozenges here at the Health Store. Throat Lozenges line the throat, making it easier to swallowing and calming throat pain. You’ll find Sore Throat Lozenges, the best Cough Drops, tasty New Zealand Honey Cough Drops and much more online at the Health Store.
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    Antibacterial Honey Lozenges – 16 Throat Lozenges   Antibacterial Honey Lozenges – 16 Throat Lozenges        US$11.25  Qty. 
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    BIO30 Immune - Propolis Suckles - 100g   BIO30 Immune - Propolis Suckles - 100g        US$9.55  Qty. 
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    Blis Travel Guard - 24 Bad Breath Lozenges   Blis Travel Guard - 24 Bad Breath Lozenges        US$24.00  Qty. 
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    Cold Ez Lozenges (hot menthol)   Cold Ez Lozenges (hot menthol)        US$4.90  Qty. 
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    Cold Ez Lozenges (lemon & honey)   Cold Ez Lozenges (lemon & honey)        US$4.90  Qty. 
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    Honey and Propolis Throat Lozenges - 100g   Honey and Propolis Throat Lozenges - 100g        US$6.75  Qty. 
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    Honeysuckles MGO™400 Manuka Honey & Propolis - 100g   Honeysuckles MGO™400 Manuka Honey & Propolis - 100g        US$9.55  Qty. 
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    Throat Lozenges  - Manukavantage - 16 Lozenges   Throat Lozenges - Manukavantage - 16 Lozenges        US$6.30  Qty. 
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If you’re wondering how to cure a sore throat, a Throat Lozenge should be the first thing you reach for! Throat Lozenges, also called Cough Lozenges or Cough Drops, are designed to line the back of the throat, making it easier to swallow and soothe that throat pain.

If you’ve got a pain in the throat, the first thing on your mind will be sore throat remedies! Sore throat symptoms include throat pain and a bright red, inflamed throat. Most sore throats don’t need any specialized sore throat treatment, and can be soothed by lozengers. Persistent sore throat symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from a chronic sore throat.

Sore throat home remedies abound, but only a doctor can prescribe an antibiotic cure for sore throat. To soothe the pain and reduce inflammation, try a Lozenge from the great range here at the Health Store. Sore throat Lozengers may not be a sore throat cure, but they might just make you feel better!

There are as many home remedies for sore throat as there are sore throat causes! Most sore throat home remedies focus on the fact that most sore throat causes are linked to an infection or inflammation. Many home remedies for sore throat recommend gargling with salt or vinegar. This is not how to get rid of a sore throat! In fact, it’s possible, that gargling harsh substances may inflame sore throats even more, potentially landing you with a painful, persistent sore throat. For tried and true remedies for sore throat, try the range of Lozenges at the Health Store. Explore the product links above for Sore Throat Remedies and throat lozenges at the right price.

Some common sore throat causes are related to a lowered immune system. Rather than wondering how to get rid of a sore throat when it’s too late, stock up on immune boosters by exploring the product links to the left of your screen. Or why not boost your immune system and treat your sore throat in one easy step with Bee Propolis Lozenges. Buy sore throat treatment and natural remedies for sore throats here at the Health Store? When winter feels like it’s one persistent sore throat, you’ll be able to treat your family with sugar free cough drops and sore throat cures to make cold and flu season easier for everyone.

Remember, you may be asking yourself how to cure a sore throat, but your family doctor knows a dozen, medically proven sore throat cures. If you suffer from a chronic sore throat, or if you have any concerns, always see a medical practitioner.

Chronic Cough can keep you up at night! If you or someone you love is suffering from a night cough, a chesty cough, a hacking cough, or any persistent cough help them stop coughing with a cough suppressant from the Health Store. Explore the links above to discover if any of the range of cough drops and cough lozenges are right for you.

While home remedies for cough abound, always see your doctor when for persistent dry cough treatment, bad cough remedies or if you have any concerns. Home remedies for cough generally involve gargling with a nasty substitute for cough syrup such as cider vinegar. It’s no wonder that children beg their parents for the “nice cough drops”!

There are as many coughs as there are cough causes. A barking “cough cough” noise indicates a hacking cough. A wet cough or chesty cough is one which has settled in the lungs. A chest cough may be a sign of bronchitis or even pneumonia. Always see your health care provider if you are suffering from a severe cough. They’ll let you know which cough remedy is best for you.

If you’re searching for a simple cough treatment for regular coughs, explore the product links above. The Health Store has many different brands of cough drops, including sugar free cough drops for a persistent dry cough treatment.

A cough drop may offer better cough relief than cough syrup. That’s because sucking on a cough drop takes longer than swallowing a spoonful of cough syrup. That time gives the medicine in the throat lozenge longer to work. If you’re looking for cough remedies which really work, explore the product links above. Stop coughing with honey cough drops, and put get rid of that persistent cough with a cough suppressant.

Lozengers are the best cough home remedies! Keep a bag of the best cough drops in your medicine cabinet. When winter feels like it has become one constant cough cough, simply reach for a cough tablet for instant cough relief!

Not all illnesses are created equal. A wheezing cough, a constant cough, a wet cough which just doesn’t go away, or a night cough that’s kept you up more than one night in a row should all be seen by a doctor. A chronic cough or severe cough should not be treated with cough home remedies but by a medical professional who can prescribe a cough cure.

When you’re suffering from a constant cough, a cough suppressant can be a lifesaver! If you’re searching for how to stop coughing, a cough suppressant is the answer. A cough tablet can give you instant cough relief, and let you get on with your life. However, there is a difference between a cough treatment and a cough remedy. If you’ve been dealing with a constant cough, it’s great to stop coughing even for an hour. However, most brands of cough drops don’t cure the cough causes which made you unwell in the first place. The only real cough cure is a course of antibiotics which a doctor may prescribe for a bad cough or a wet cough. For ‘little coughs’ or a simple sore throat cough, often some sugar free cough drops are more than enough to dispel your throat pain and let you rest a little easier.

Sometimes a Lozenge can be the entire sore throat cure that you need for a sore and tickly throat. If you’re searching for a cure for sore throat cough, try a lozenge or cough drop from the Health Store. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

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